BBQ Chicken Drumsticks, Italian garlic wedges and side salad

I absolutely loved this tonight! So much so I made 2 batches of the sauce and froze one.


Here is the BBQ Sauce recipe from the slimming world website.

I literally cooked chicken drumsticks at 180 for 10 mins,

Added half the sauce over the drumsticks,

left for 15 mins in the oven,

turned the drumsticks and peeled the skin almost off and added the other half of the sauce.

left them almost 30 mins, AMAZING!


For the Garlic Italian Wedges:



new spuds and left the skins on, because im lazy.

sprayed them with fry light, sprinkled over the Schwartz Perfect Shake Garlic Italian chucked ’em in the oven for 15 mins, shook them, sprinkled on some more yummyness and threw ’em back in til the chicken was done!

Another meal, 0 syns!

Would’ve been loveeeely with some 0 syn coleslaw too.



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