Chicken stir fry with egg fried rice

I made this one night after my 13 year old son bought a takeaway for himself 😳 the whole meal is only 2 syns



1 bag of stir fry

1 chicken breasts cut into small chunks

3 tbsp of soy sauce

3 tbsp oyster sauce

Fry light cooking spray

**spray a frying pan/wok with fry light, cut chicken breasts into chunks and cook until browned a little, remove from pan and add the bag of stir fry, cook for 3-5 mins, add chicken back into pan and add soy sauce and oyster sauce and cook for. Further 3 mins.


2 eggs beaten

150g of rice 

**wash the rice, then add water and cook, meanwhile beat 2 eggs in a jug. Once rice is cooked, drain off all excess water. Spray pan with fry light and add rice, cook until rice is almost dried then push rice to one side of the pan, add in the eggs a little at a time while whisking in them. Once this is done stir the rice and eggs all together and add a splash of soy sauce – use as much as you like

( 1 level tbsp of sweet chilli sauce is 2 syns optional )

All syn free on extra easy slimming world plan

2 syns if using sweet chilli sauce


#slimmingworld #fatclub #healthyeating #synsisters #sisterlove



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