No syn Chicken Fried Rice

So, so simple to make. I have this every weigh in day with some SW Chips on the side.

This recipe makes 5 huge servings.

Fry Light
Asda easy cook basmati rice (I use half a bag takes 10 mins)
2 Chicken breasts diced
onion sliced
cucumber thinly sliced
frozen peas
mushrooms quartered
leek sliced
pepper diced
tomatoes diced
bamboo shoots
Oyster Sauce 5-6 Table Spoons
150ml water – to stop sauce burning (haha)
Chinese 5 spice to taste

Have all of your veggies prepped, chicken prepped a saucepan of boiling water at the ready and a hot pan or wok! Ready…?

Fry off the veggies for 7mins or so, adding half of the oyster sauce and a dash of water just before the end. Put all your veggies in a bowl on the side.

Add your chicken to the now empty frying pan, and rice to the saucepan.
(Go careful when adding the rice, it sticks to the bottom quickly so add another dash of water)
Cook chicken fully, add back in the veggies, once cooked strain and add the rice.

Give it a sprinkle of 5 Spice and Oyster sauce then taste, you may want more oyster sauce, 5 spice etc.

Voila, 0 Syn Chicken fried rice!x


PS, Because I’m so lovely, feel free to save this photo to your phone! I don’t mind you sharing but please give Credit to the SynSisters


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