Chicken fajita salad 

So today I really couldn’t be bothered to actually cook. My son (13yrs) wanted fajitas, but being on slimming world and knowing the wraps were high in syns I was dreading it. I decided to have it with a salad and new potatoes instead. A-maz-zing !!!!


2 x chicken breasts diced

1 tbsp of Schwartz perfect shake fajita seasoning – syn free on extra easy plan

2 X peppers cut into thin slices

1 large white onion thinly sliced

** cook chicken until slightly browned, remove from the pan and add the onions and peppers, cook these until they lose most of their bite. Add chicken back in and add the fajita seasoning, cook for 5 mins extra. If the seasoning is sticking to the pan add a splash of water and stir around.


This is nothing fancy just cut up anything you want to eat and serve

80% reduced fat mayonnaise – 2 level tbsp = 2 syns ( optional )

Syn sister #2 🙂


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