Evening! Really wasn’t feeling myself today but that didn’t stop me eating lol 😊 Today was the last day for going out for lunch with the hubby so made the most of it although I chose wisely!

Here’s me food for the day …


Visited Southampton for bits and bobs and ended up in Ikea! But I was good, the hubby had bloody cake for breakfast whilst I was strong 💪🏻!

  • Black coffee with sweetener
  • Apple


Went to the Titchfield Mill. I will admit I had a bit of trouble food optimising but chose well in the end (I think!)

  • Grilled chicken breast (no skin – free) – I WILL ALLOW 2 SYNS INCASE OF ANY OIL USED ON GRILL
  • New potatoes (free), kappia pepper, carrots, cabbage and broccoli (speed)
  • Diet coke (free)


Wasn’t overly hungry following lunch but got a bit peckish!

  • 4 original Ryvita crispbreads (heb)
  • 3 babybel light cheeses (hea)
  • 1 tbsp flora light (2 syns)
  • Marmite (free)

A tasty extra!

Brought a new recipe book at club last night  SLIMMING WORLD’S FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD. Hubby wanted to try the rhubarb crumble – it was delicious! I had a small bowl and added extra fruit – blackberries, raspberries & strawberries (speed), also mixed a little sweetener into natural yoghurt 👌🏻


That’s all for today folks! 😘 sister #1 xx


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