Back to work today!

Had a lovely 2 weeks off work but today it was back to the grindstone. Took my own lunch in even though we had a staff room buffet but I managed to be good! 


Made a SW quiche for the next couple of days

  • 3 eggs beaten (free)
  • 1 300g pot of fat free cottage cheese (free)
  • 50g Cathedral City mature lighter (8 syns in total, there will be 4 slices so 2 a piece)
  • Bacon (free), garlic, onion, pepper (speed)
  • All cooked in the oven gas mark 5 for 25 mins
  • Served with a speedy salad
  • Mullerlight yoghurt (free)
  • Grapes, blueberries (free), raspberries and strawberries (speed)


Fancied something nice ….

  • 2 slices Wholemeal bread (heb) toasted 
  • Tomato puree (free), tomatoes, onions (speed) and 40g Cathedral a city mature (hea) grilled
  • Served with a beautiful speedy salad dressed with 1 tbsp Blue Dragon light sweet chilli sauce (1 syn)
  • Options White choc drink (2 syns


Needed a sweet treat!

  • Quark (free)
  • 1 11g sachet Cadbury’s highlight (2 syns) mixed in
  • Blueberries (free), raspberries (speed) and a broken up hifi lemon meringue bar (3 syns)

That’s all folks 😘 synsister #1


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