Tuesday’s grub …

Evening peeps. Will keep it short and sweet!

Breakfast! Was 2 weetabix (heb), skimmed milk (hea) and fruit – mostly speedy!

Elevensies! Alpen light bar (3 syns)

Lunch! Was SW quiche from yesterday (2 syns for cheese), tomatoes and a beautiful side salad (speedy of course!) with 1 tbsp of blue dragon sweet chilli sauce (1 syn). A Mullerlight yoghurt and speedy fruit salad.

Dinner! Gammon steak (all fat cut off), served with baby potatoes and a speedy side salad followed by Mullerlight yoghurt and raspberries (speed).

Supper! Fruit salad topped with quark (free) loosened with skimmed milk (from hea allowance) and 2 tsps orange slice choc shot (1 syn).

Not a bad day! Have got all prepped for tomoz as I’m off on a trip to Marwell Zoo!

😘 big hugs synsister #1


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