Weigh day!

Well I have to say I wasn’t really sure what to expect this evening when I jumped on the scales … But … I managed to loose 3.5lb! This meant I got my 1 stone award and shared slimmer of the week!! Really pleased – mainly because of losing the 3.5lb. Hoping to have another good week (although it is nearly the weekend and this is when I find it the hardest).


Fancied a change today!

  • 35g grape-nuts 
  • Mullerlight vanilla yogurt 
  • Speedy and free fruit


Needed something filling as work finishes at 4, then straight into Zumba until 5, then home and perp for group as its tasting week

  • McCains jacket potato (0.5 syns as I only ate half)
  • Tuna (free), 1 tsp Heinz salad cream (1.5 syns), cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and gherkin (speed)
  • Mullerlight peanut and caramel yoghurt 
  • Free and speedy fruit salad


Must admit this is from the kebab shop but I chose healthy option!

  • Rice (plain so free)
  • Chicken (will allow 5 syns for any oil used
  • Salad


  • Hifi rocky road bar (3 syns)

Ok all done! Here’s to the next week! 👍🏻 

😘 synsister #1


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