Happy Tuesday all. Had a busy but good day. Stayed nicely on plan and ate well πŸ‘πŸ»


  • 2 weetabix (heb)
  • Skimmed milk (from hea allowance)
  • Free & speedy fruits


  • Alpen light banoffee bar (3 syns)


  • Homemade curried parsnip soup (all free ingredients – some speed)
  • Free and speedy fruit salad
  • Mullerlight toffee yoghurt (free)


  • Pasta (free)
  • Bacon (free), leeks, garlic, chilli pepper, paprika all fried in frylight added to pasta with 25g Philadelphia light (2 syns)


  • Bowl of free and speedy fruit
  • 1 tsp choc shot (0.5syns)
  • Ben & Jerry’s son of a wich (4 syns)

Pleased to end today on 9.5 syns!



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