#3’s lunch, dinner and pud!

God help me I’m stuffed. I’m sat at my dining table unable to move…. Food coma to commence lol.

Us 3 sister, Bro in-law and the kids went swimming this morning. Me being me I had 15mins to get ready before we left lol so a satsuma and 1 Hifi bar it was for breakfast.

Afterwards I felt half starved so munched on my banana before we had left the changing rooms :-))


Now here’s my lunch a speedy/free subway salad bowl. I’ve never thought of having chicken teriyaki before but I loved it….


For dinner I had the nacho style feast… I’m sure I used too much of the spices lol it blew my head off.


Then pudding. This beauty was delicious, didn’t measure the chocshot because I didn’t just want to dollop it on so I’ll say 2 syns.

So in total so far I’ve had 2 syns, my HEa and my HEb. Ooooo I can have loads of options hot chocolate tonight (mint only of course) xxxx


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