Synsister #3 catch up!!

Wahoooooo, I’m baaaaaaack!

Almost finished decorating now so fingers crossed I’ll be able to go back to normal soon. In the mean time, I’ve made lots of changes!!

I no longer do food diaries, they bore me to death! Last week was my first week without and I managed 4lb off. Still trying to make clever choices when it comes to food, and I think I’m doing okay!? Looking forward to weigh in next week because I’ll hopefully have my 1.5 stone off. Yipeeeeee!!!

Here’s a few meals I’ve had lately xxx


Roast dinner, syn free without gravy.


Bit of a casserole going on here, just chucked it all in and hoped for the best


My pud this eve, speedy fruits (except blueberries) and sweetened fat free fromage frais. Delish!!!

I’ll try and post more often from now on 🙂 xxxx SS3


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